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David Koma


Juxtapositions play an important role in the aesthetic of the brand. Poetic and feminine cocktail dresses are contrasted with masculine tailoring and utilitarian daywear. Designs, graphically austere and minimal are often embellished with opulent hand embroideries. Rigid constructions are softened with addition of feathers, that move in the lightest breeze. Even the Koma Girl at the heart of the brand is full of contrasts. She is tough yet sensual, free yet controlled, youthful yet mature – a complex character reflective of the modern women. David Koma Girl is a 21st century femme fatale – strong and confident, with a sophisticated sex appeal.

‘Discovering my passion so early in my life allowed me to focus on improving my craft from a young age. While I am still evolving as a designer, my classical training was fundamental in developing my signature aesthetic and technical ability. I am continuously enchanted by the female form and always try to create garments that make women feel confident, powerful and beautiful, fully complimenting their silhouettes.’ – David Koma

‘The technical finesse of his designs, paired with their high-impact aesthetics, have propelled his eponymous brand to international success.’ – British Vogue

‘Disciplined clothes for disciplined bodies from disciplined mind.’ – American Vogue


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